Deutsche flagge klein 27 x 18The following is my PERSONAL OPINION !!!
It doesn’t need to reflect the opinion of the whole band !!!

I love reggae music !! That’s why I play it !!

Henning da base saysI play reggae becoz I love groovy baselines that mek your body move to the groove !! Reggae is like bass-massage !! It makes you feel relaxed and comfortable in a world of hectic. If you don’t feel the bassline pumping up your body then you’ll never groove to da riddim !! But reggae is more than only basslines !!


Reggae is an expression of SUNNY WEATHER, LOVE, HAVING FUN, COOL RUNNINGS, CO-OPERATION, PEACE and the striving for a better harmonic world.

For me reggae music is a voice for peace & justice and a real healthy alternative draft towards the hectic world of wall-street-profit. A concept as simple and easy for everyone to live and realize.

Bury egoism and come together !! LIVE AS ONE !!
Share the riches of this world !! It’s the only one we have !! We don’t have planet B !!

But reggae is more for me. Reggae music is also „Rebel Music“ !!

Rebel against what ???

Against violence, oppression, supremacy, ku-klux-klan, destroying nature, pollution of the planet, gun selling, weapon trading & arms proliferation, prostitution, human trafficking, exploitation and refugees caused by WAR for oil and minerals !!! It’s our duty as human beings to protect our planet against destruction caused by greedy banks, trans-national companies & cartels !!


Reggae Music is international !! Reggae are positive geo-political vybz for people who firmly believe that we can build a better world than that what politicians and managers are offering to us. Mankind is living far below their real potential.

We can live as one !!

Peace, freedom, a clean housing with fresh water, bio-environmentally clean healthy nutrition & oxygene, fresh clothes, access to education & internet, access to free medical care, fair wages and good working conditions are not only fundamental human rights but they are possible to realize for everyone on this planet !!

We need positive visions for the future to motivate people of all nations to build a better place on earth !! We have the technology to build a paradise but we use it to destroy each other becoz of greedy bad mind !! Let’s use our real positive potential and bring it forth to make the dream come true !!

Reggae Music calls upon the next generation for a true emancipation !!! For a positive future, clean energy, a fair monetary system, a new ethic economic trade system, a free & independant press, international morality, preservation of mother earth against wall street capitalism, legalization of cannabis as a healing plant, global co-operation and sustainability.

We have the choice between a paradise on earth FOR ALL PEOPLE (tecnically + logisticcally long time possible) or a brutal economical matrix with a distinctive inequality, total supervision, immense concentration of capital power and shorttime profits for a minority that lives behind electronic fences and is being protected by private-police and private armies while the majority lives in a cesspit of instability, inequality, heteronomy and social misery and nature being constantly destroyed !! That’s the reality that comes nearer to us !! If we the people don’t manage it to find unity beyond races and political parties and to set the political liars behind bars that corrupt and betray our democracy, then this brutal economic matrix will walk all over us to enslave us (low-wages, privatising, waste of ressources, pauperization, fossile energies etc.) !! We as the people have to break the power of multi-national-cartels (TTIP/TISA) and replace them with a human-caring-concept of society and nature !! Our future is neither determined by a God nor carved in stone neither¬† should we act careless about it !! Our future is moulded by people !! For the people or against the people !! We the people have the power and the talents to mould our future and we the people should draft concepts and visions of the world we want to live in !! We should not be careless about it neither leave this plan to a minority of religious people or capitalists !!

WE THE PEOPLE have to regain the world that banks, politicians and trans-national corporations have stolen from us!! Remember what they did with the indians in America!! Remember what they did with the Africans!! Promises and lies, alcohol and diseases!! Never forget that!!¬† And then they took away their land and slaved the people!! Remember that!! You can’t trust a bunch of liars, thugs and gangsters!! They come with tie and suit, smile inna your face, then corrupt and sell you!! Remember that!! It’s time that we the people regain what was given to us by Almighty God!! God made Mother Earth for man and woman to stay and live inna paradise but these gangsters have turned it into a garbage-place becoz of greed and profit!! These are the lowest motives that a man can have: greed for profit and willing to kill for that!! This is the lowest character that a man can have!! We the people HAVE TO (!!!) set these thugs behind bars to prevent further damage from Mother Earth !! They try to prolongue their anti-christ-system with total-control via satellite, camera and cellphone but WE THE PEOPLE HAVE TO STOP THEM AND SAY NO !! Red card !! Game Over !! Let’s do it !!

1LOVE !!

da base

Great Men

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Steel Pulse - Living Legacy 1800 x 1800

click da pic to listen to Steel Pulse live in Paris !!!
one of my all time favourite !!!


Lyrics (translated)

Nothing astonishes me anymore
They have divided up the world, nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
If you let me have Chechnya,
I’ll let you have Armenia.
If you let me have Afghanistan,
I’ll let you have Pakistan.
If you don’t leave Haiti,
I’ll embark you for Bangui.
If you help me to bomb Iraq,
I’ll arrange Kurdistan for you.
They have divided up the world, nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
If you let me have your uranium,
I’ll let you have my aluminium.
If you let me have your mineral resources,
I’ll help you to hunt down the Taliban.
If you give me a whole lot of dough,
I’ll wage war on your behalf.
If you let me extract your gold,
I’ll help you to oust the general.
They have divided up the world, nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
They have divided up Africa without consulting us.
They are astonished that we are divided.
One part of the Mandingo empire
was with the Wollof.
One part of the Mossi empire
was in Ghana.
One part of the Susu empire
was in the Mandingo empire.
One part of the Mandingo empire
was with the Mossi.
They have divided up Africa without consulting us!
Without asking us!
Without apprising us!
They have divided up the world, nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!
Nothing astonishes me anymore!

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